Action on Bribery Act delayed


Yesterday the UK Justice Minister, Ken Clarke, announced that implementation of the Bribery Act will be delayed until April 2011.  This is disappointing as it means the landmark new Act will come into force nearly a whole year after it passed through parliament and received Royal Assent.

The delay also means that UK companies that commit foreign bribery will continue to evade prosecution under our current, outdated laws.  This raises questions about the new coalition government’s commitment to stamping out bribery and corruption by British business overseas.

At the same time the Government announced a public consultation on the guidance for business that will accompany the Act.  CAFOD is concerned that some companies may use the consultation period to push for a weakening of the Act.

To prevent this happening, the consultation process must be fully transparent and open to a broad range of stakeholders, including NGOs, and not just business.

2 Responses to “Action on Bribery Act delayed”

  1. Kary Says:

    You can find a russian translation of uk act at GSL Translations!

  2. The “middle income” poor and corruption « Serpents and Doves: A development policy blog Says:

    […] Sumner’s report calls on international development actors to contemplate what these large populations of poor in emerging economies mean for our work. So what is the role of international actors in these processes of fighting political patronage, theft of public monies, and persistent inequalities? Starting here at home, clamping down on European and North American private sector collusion in the theft of public monies through bribery and money laundering is one area where my colleagues are working hard. […]

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