Open Call for Workshop Participants: Talking with poor people about a post-2015 framework


Workshop: Friday 23rd September (all day) and Saturday 24th September (am)

To be held in CAFOD’s offices in London. See a map here.

A post-2015 framework for global development should be informed by what poor people say about their lives.  Talking with poor people could bring at least three potential benefits to a post-2015 framework:  Broader buy-in; stronger accountability and empowerment; and higher quality goals.  See the full workshop concept note here.

Whilst the call for a participative, inclusive process on post-2015 has been gathering strength over recent months, work to engage poor people is currently at an early stage.  A number of independent activities are in development, but there has been no systematic effort to coordinate or strengthen this work.

The workshop will bring together three groups of people:

1)    those who currently have initiatives to talk with poor people about post-2015 in development;

2)    those who have expertise on participative engagement and/or exercises to talk to poor people on a large-scale;

3)    agencies who might consider providing funding for activities to engage poor people in post-2015.

Anyone who considers themselves to be part of one (or more) of three groups outlined above is warmly invited to apply to join the workshop.

Please contact Dr Amy Pollard at to express your interest, giving a brief description of how you fit within one (or more) of the groups of people we are aiming to bring together.  Guidance on what kind of information to provide in an expression of interest is here.  Funding is available to cover travel and accommodation expenses for those in groups 1 and 2.  The deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 26th August 2011. 

Working together, participants of the workshop will thoroughly explore and consider the potential for strengthening activities to directly engage poor people about post-2015.  An effective, evidence-based strategy for doing so will be developed.   We hope that the workshop will support the sharing of information and possible collaborative work by those already developing, or thinking of developing, participative and inclusive post 2015 work.

The workshop is being coordinated and hosted by CAFOD, with funding from DFID and facilitation support from INVOLVE.

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