How to find the right person…


How to find the perfect match is a topic often debated around Valentine’s.  If somebody is the right person at the right time seemingly depends on several factors: expectations, background, previous experiences, knowledge and above all commitment.  This might or might not apply to romantic matchmaking.  In this case, however, we are talking about the quest for suitable champions who should represent the interests of civil society and especially of people directly affected by poverty in the planning post-MDG process at the United Nations (UN).

Beyond 2015 – a global NGO campaign influencing the post-2015 development agenda and co-chaired by CAFOD – is currently on the lookout for Ms or Mr Right to speak for civil society on a high level panel or independent commission that will be set up by the United Nations in June 2012.  This body will lay down the foundations for what will hopefully become a strong, legitimate and inclusive process to define a suitable successor framework to the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  It will include representatives of the private and public sector, the UN and, of course, civil society.

The post-MDG high level panel/independent commission will also be paving the way for a senior advisor to be installed at the UN by the UN Secretary Generaly, Ban Ki Moon, who announced this step in a recent speech about his priorities for his second term in office:

Looking beyond 2015, we are working to forge consensus on a new generation of sustainable development goals that build on the MDGs – goals that will provide equitable economic and social progress that respects our planet’s environmental boundaries. I will appoint a senior advisor to coordinate these efforts on my behalf.

Join our quest for Ms or Mr Right

Beyond 2015 was encouraged to put forward recommendations for CSO representatives on the UN High Level Panel/Independent Expert Commission and therefore CAFOD together with the Beyond 2015’s UN Working Group is calling for your suggestions.  

So who do you think is the best match to the following criteria?

  1. Civil society representatives who have enough heavy-weight experience and expertise to hold their ground and be accepted as of equivalent “high-level” to the other panel members (eg. include former presidents, leading CEOs etc).  Experience and expertise is what matters – there is no presumption that those from the largest organisations necessarily have the most to offer.
  2. Civil society representatives who have an established track record of championing the interests of people living in poverty, well-recognised achievements on tackling poverty, injustice and environment, human rights, health and gender equality with real depth and insight on these issues.
  3. Civil society representatives who will genuinely engage with Beyond 2015, and will listen to, reflect and represent the positions of participating organisations in the campaign. 

The representatives should be drawn from both the global south and global north, albeit with a preference towards the south.  To submit your recommendation to Beyond2015, please use this nomination form which is available in English, French and Spanish.  Feel free to submit several recommendations!  If you are not a member of Beyond2015 yet, join the campaign and then submit your recommendations.

The deadline for submissions is 9 March 2012. Please send your nominations to and

From the submitted recommendations Beyond 2015 will choose the top four assuming that the two out of those four will be picked as civil society representatives.  Please note that it is very likely but not guaranteed that the CSO representatives will be selected from the pool of Beyond 2015 recommendations.

Many thanks for your support and Happy Valentine’s Day!



I ♥ Beyond2015

Beyond 2015 is a global civil society campaign, pushing for a strong and legitimate successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals. The campaign unites behind one vision:

  • That a global overarching cross-thematic framework succeeds the Millennium Development Goals, reflecting Beyond 2015’s policy positions.
  • That the process of developing this framework is participatory, inclusive and responsive to voices of those directly affected by poverty and injustice.

Beyond2015 is built on a diverse, global base. It ranges from small community based organisations to international NGOs, academics and trade unions. A founding principle of the campaign is that it is a partnership between civil society organisations from the ‘North’ and the ‘South’ – bringing together more than 280 organisations  from all world regions. To find out more go to


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