Post-2015 updates, notes and intell.


Post-2015 paper of the week is undoubtedly from Jan Vandemoortele, one of the original architects of the MDGs.  Downloadable here.  The paper corrects several of the key misunderstandings of the original MDGs and makes a series of practical recommendations going forward.  Don’t be mislead by the familiarity of the headings.  There’s a lot of new material in here and a lot of the juicy stuff is in footnotes.  Skim-readers will miss out.

Interesting discussions at a UK parliamentary event yesterday organised by the Beyond 2015 UK hub, and chaired by CAFOD’s very own Joanne Green.  The Shadow Secretary of State, Ivan Lewis, is clearly energised by the idea of a ‘Global Covenant’ after 2015 – which would be for developed, developing and middle income countries.  Calling for this to be about more than charity and philanthropy, but also human rights and social justice.  Malcolm Bruce, Chairman of the parliamentary International Development Committee, also seeing a lot of opportunity in the agenda.  Possibilities of an IDC inquiry on post-MDGs later in the year.

Other scraps:

– Rumours of 8 people to be appointed on the UN’s High Level Panel.  Talk also of 3 co-chairs (quite a heavy chiefs to indians ratio?)

– Apparently UN has now got 75% of the cash it is trying to raise for the 50 country consultations and thematic consultations.  Starting in earnest after Rio, we’re told (slipped back from April/May).

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