CAFOD’s Reshuffle Response


Responding to today’s Cabinet reshuffle, CAFOD Director, Chris Bain has said:

“As Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell was passionate in his defence of the aid budget and dedicated in his efforts to achieve change for poor and marginalised people. While we did not always agree, his role in aid and development will be missed, and his contribution will be remembered.

“We welcome Justine Greening to her new role, and we look forward to working with her in the future. Not every Cabinet role offers the post-holder a chance to be known the world over as the leading force on vital issues, and to make a mark on the lives of billions around the world, and we are sure that Justine Greening will rise to those challenges.

“In particular, we would urge her to play a leading role over the coming year in international efforts to tackle the global food crisis, and work closely with the Prime Minister in seeking a strong and legitimate successor to the Millennium Development Goals which expire in 2015, putting the needs and voices of the poorest people at centre stage.

“The private sector and NGOs are not always easy bedfellows, yet both have much to learn from each other if future development challenges are to be addressed and Justine Greening’s ability to bring us together to serve the common good will be vital.

“We also hope that she will build on the success of Andrew Mitchell’s UK Aid Match initiative, which – even in times of austerity at home – has inspired people across the country to break all records in raising funds for those in the greatest need.

“We’ve seen the courage and principle demonstrated in her work at the Department for Transport, which will also be vital in defending the aid budget and tackling the root causes of poverty across the world, so we are pleased and heartened by her appointment.”

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