CAFOD’s new paper: ‘Building from the ground up’


How the foundations of a post-2015 framework should translate into change for people in poverty

CAFOD has published a new paper on the post-2015 agenda. ‘Building from the ground up’ looks at the value-add of a global development framework, contributing to the discussion to define the post-2015 agenda. It looks in detail at the values CAFOD believes the framework should be built on to take us towards a shared vision for global development. The paper shows how this can be practically done by suggesting example goals which embody those values, including empowering governance, equitable economies, and resilient livelihoods.

Finally, it makes a suggestion on the framework architecture, and how indicators can link across goals to ensure that no goal can be left behind while the others make progress.

As ever, your comments, thoughts and feedback are welcomed – we’ll be developing our thinking further throughout the year as the findings from the participatory research from COMPASS 2015 emerge.

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2 Responses to “CAFOD’s new paper: ‘Building from the ground up’”

  1. Open Working Group on SDGs is ‘getting down to business’ | Serpents and Doves: A development policy blog Says:

    […] be by linking goals together with indicators that measure progress across more than one goal (see CAFOD’s suggestion, for example). Another option is to ensure that certain issues are cutting across all goals, but […]

  2. What do we know about the world’s proposals for post-2015 goals? First analysis from the Future Goals Tracker | - what comes after the MDGs? Says:

    […] A flick through the data in the Future Goals Tracker confirms that there is a dauntingly vast range of ideas (150 proposals in total) available to those developing key reports within and beyond the UN system as contributions to the design of a final framework. Some of these have been around for some time but remain relevant to the biggest challenges, such as Oxfam’s ‘Doughnut’ approach to bringing together poverty and environment objectives, while others seek to break ground in ambition, like IBON International’s People’s Goals putting forward bold ideas on global and national governance. Some of the latest proposals to emerge are presented as works in progress soliciting comments from post-2015 goal watchers, including the Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s ‘Action Agenda for Sustainable Development’, and CAFOD’s report on ‘Building from the ground up’. […]

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