Think piece on post-2015 convergence: bringing together environment and development


Thinkpiece: Post-2015_Development_Agenda_Convergence

For too long, human development and environmental protection have been treated as separate and different. The creation of a global development framework to replace the Millennium Development Goals represents an opportunity to bridge the current institutional gap between environment and development which exists within the UN system, regional agencies, governments and civil society. Building on momentum generated by the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development in 2012, the post-MDG and SDG processes can be brought together to create a holistic approach. This is urgently needed by both people and planet, and inform both policy formation and decision-making

This is a moment in which a universal agenda, with responsibilities for all to create a fair and inclusive economy that supports the common good of all within safe environmental limits. CAFOD have collaborated with Stakeholder Forum to produce this think piece on how that convergence can take place in the UN-led processes which form the post-2015 agenda.

Your comments and feedback are much appreciated, as ever.

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