Traffic report for the road to post-2015


post2015 process graphic Oct 2013

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The outcome document of the UN General Assembly Special Event about a month ago was a positive step in the right direction for some and a disappointment for others. Either way, after being approved by the General Assembly recently, it delivered clarity on the road map for the post-2015 process which is doubtless an advantage for future planning and allows us to focus on the substance and stop obsessing about the process. At least for a while.

Compared to previous, slightly more garish, versions of this graphic the process going forward looks a lot more streamlined. The UN General Assembly is going to take over the baton next September from the Open Working Group on SDGs which will present suggestions for a vision and a goal framework and from the Expert Committee for Sustainable Development Financing which will provide recommendations on exactly that. In the meantime they will have some warm up events to ‘set the scene’.

You can also see the brand new High Level Political Forum in its hybrid identity as an annual ministerial meeting under the auspices of ECOSOC and a quadrennial high level meeting under the auspices of the UN General Assembly. This Forum will be the ‘home’ of the post-2015 framework and will be in charge of monitoring and reporting.

The graphic also contains milestones of the UNFCCC process (on climate change). This is inspired by a recent series of roundtables – hosted by CAFOD and WWF UK with the support of CAN-International and Beyond 2015 – which concrete suggestions on integrating climate change in post-2015 and the benefits and pitfalls of linking the two processes*. However, it does not include the many other UN processes on topics that are likely to feature in the post-2015 framework and also have a big moment in the year 2015, such as education, women and disaster risk reduction.

One aspect, though, remains unclear and could easily divert plain sailing into troubled and murky waters: the stakeholder engagement mechanisms that civil society and other stakeholders can use to provide official input to the negotiations. Apart from the engagement opportunities that the Major Groups and other stakeholder set up for the Open Working Group on SDGs, with confirmed dates up until February 2014, little is decided, let alone adequately resourced. So we are not quite there yet.

*Get in contact for further information on the roundtables and the resulting discussion papers…

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