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Women, leadership and localisation: Reflections to mark International Women’s Day 2017

March 8, 2017

Written by Anne Street, Head of Humanitarian Policy at CAFOD.

For a good chunk of the last couple of years I have been focusing my attention on localisation: the policy and practice shifts in the global humanitarian system needed to truly place national and local responders at the heart of humanitarian action. I have also been reflecting on how change happens, and listened with interest to some of the debates and reflections at the recent ALNAP conference on innovation, and read Duncan Green of Oxfam’s insightful book How Change Happens.

But to mark International Women’s Day 2017 I want to move beyond all that theoretical stuff and pay tribute to 3 amazing and courageous women who I think have done more than most to shift the dial on localisation. Each of these women have used creativity and ingenuity, they have challenged the status quo, stood up for what they believed in and have taken considerable risks in taking bold decisions aimed at making localisation happen.


Post-2015 leadership: what does it look like?

December 4, 2012

There’s an African proverb often repeated in conversations on multilateralism: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Like most clichés, it’s over-used because it’s at once true and not yet reflected in international politics.

Neil Palmer, CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture - global partnership

Neil Palmer, CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture – global partnership

MDG7 (environmental sustainability) and MDG8 (global partnership) are different from the other six goals, tackling as they do sustainability and systemic barriers to development, rather focusing on poverty, health, education and equality. MDGs 7 and 8 are the goals that require all nations to participate in the journey towards equitable, sustainable, inclusive development. (more…)