Meet the policy team

CAFOD’s Policy Team researches and analyses international policies affecting poor communities, and suggests alternatives to reduce poverty



 Graham Gordon, Head of Public Policy

Graham manages the policy team to ensure the development of coherent public policies that are based on partner experience, rigorous evidence, catholic social teaching and are relevant to the current political context and opportunities. He represents the organisation to decision-makers and the media on cross-cutting policy issues, works with staff in BOAG agencies to support a co-ordinated approach on issues impacting development. He contributes to the management of the Advocacy and Communications Division and works across the organisation to ensure a coordinated approach to programme, policy and advocacy work.


Anne Lindsay, Lead Analyst, Private Sector

Anne heads up CAFOD’s work on the private sector. She leads on the role of business in development and the issue of business and human rights. Focus countries for her research include Colombia, Myanmar and Mexico. Her work also includes looking at conditions in global supply chains, including the electronics industry, and she represents CAFOD within the Ethical Trading Initiative. As part of CAFOD’s commitment to Publish What You Pay, Anne is working on implementation of country by country reporting requirements for oil, gas and mining companies. She is one of the directors of the CORE Corporate Responsibility coalition in the UK.


Diego Martinez Schütt, Policy Analyst on Post-2015

Diego is responsible for developing and implementing CAFOD’s advocacy for a successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals which reflects the perspectives and interests of people living in poverty, marginality and vulnerability. His work includes collaborating with external groups and campaigns and to participate in Beyond 2015 on the UK steering committee. His policy and advocacy work focus is to secure a post-2015 agenda that leads to poverty eradication in a sustainable environment.

Dadirai Chikwengo

 Dadirai Chikwengo, Advocacy Coordinator Caritas Internationalis 

Dadirai is the Caritas Representative within CAFOD, responsible for facilitating and supporting an international working group of Caritas Internationalis member organisations engaging on post 2015 development agenda. Dadirai has extensive experience in civil society strengthening, advocacy and managing coalitions. Her work involves strengthening the Catholic voice in national, regional and global level advocacy to ensure that post 2015 framework reflects the catholic values. She also works closes links with the CI Global Hunger Campaign to ensure coherent advocacy efforts. SARAH M

Sarah Montgomery, Economic Justice Policy Analyst

Sarah works on economic justice issues particularly relating to the private sector. She focuses on what pro-poor private sector development looks like and particularly on how micro and small enterprises, where most poor people work, can be better supported. Her work includes issues relating to the business enabling environment, inclusive economies and growth and enterprise development.


 Sarah Wykes, Lead Analyst, Climate and Energy

Sarah leads CAFOD’s policy work around climate change and energy. Climate change is already impacting the lives of the poor and vulnerable communities CAFOD’s partners work with around the world. Unless action is taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions, poverty eradication and sustainable development will be impossible in future.  The current focus of Sarah’s work is ensuring access to sustainable, affordable, reliable and safe energy for people living in poverty, so can meet their basic needs, as well as promoting a shift away from fossil fuels as the major cause of climate change.  Specific projects include: analysing the UK’s investment in sustainable energy for everyone; analysing public financing for fossil fuel projects in poorer countries; supporting partner and civil society engagement in the Sustainable Energy for All initiative; and advocating for an Energy Sustainable Development Goal under the new post-2015 development framework.

Hannah Mottram, Policy Analyst, Climate and Energy

Hannah works on sustainable energy policy. She is the co-ordinator of the ACCESS coalition (Alliance of Civil Society Organisations for Clean Energy Access). ACCESS advocates for people living in poverty to have access to safe, reliable and affordable energy, and for environmentally sustainable and efficient energy systems globally. She also carries out advocacy and research, including on energy access issues in developing countries and UK export finance.

Anne Street, Head of Humanitarian Policy

Anne covers policy issues relating to the international humanitarian system, including response to sudden onset emergencies as well as peace and conflict related policy work. Her work focuses on how the international humanitarian system functions and works with local actors and the financing of humanitarian action. Her thematic policy work centres on  conflict sensitivity, humanitarian principles and peace building. She also undertakes analysis and policy and advocacy work on individual countries experiencing humanitarian emergencies.

Collins Cheruiyot, Advocacy and Policy Advisor – Food Security

Collins leads development of CAFOD’s advocacy and policy work on food security in the Horn & East Africa region, ensuring that CAFOD has a clear understanding of the underlying causes of food insecurity in the region and how they are being addressed by governments and the international community. He also conducts research analysis, evidencing, policy positions and messaging; as well as working with development and humanitarian teams in the region to integrate advocacy and policy work on food security. He also contributes to advocacy, policy and campaigns work on food security being undertaken by CAFOD and partners in the North and South. Likewise Collins role involves lobbying international agencies such as DFID, UN etc and deals with international media on these issues. Collins also supports policy and advocacy work on climate change and energy.

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